Saturday, November 15, 2014

Straight Coastin'

I made some coasters out of rope. RE: thinks we have too many coasters but I say, not possible! They are great, and pretty straightforward to make. I started these while watching TV because I had rope and thread lying nearby and I compulsively make things. Now I have a set of six and I love them! 

Materials Needed:

My embroidery thread comes with six strands, I used only three which means I separated the thread into two. 

After separating the thread, I threaded the needle with the three threads and got started. To begin, you coil the rope up and stick the needle through the center of the rope, through the entire coil. This starts the base of the coaster. 

Then, continue to coil the rope around while wrapping the embroidery thread around the new rope and the closest existing coil. 

I ended up making these 3 3/4 inches because it seemed like a good size when I put my glass on top of it. You can make them bigger or smaller based on your preference. Here is the finished coil.

I debated making a set of one color but settled on a multi-colored set. You could do your favorite team colors, all one color, whatever you like. After finishing off the coasters, I cut six circles in the grey felt and sewed them onto the bottom of the coaster. Here is the set.

There are so many variations you could do using colored rope, dying natural rope, using different kinds or colors of thread. The possibilities are endless! I also like these because you could wash them if they end up dirty. 

What colors would you choose? 

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