Friday, October 28, 2016

Tassel Charms

Hello friends! I made some quick and easy wine charms for a party, these are my go-to party gift. They take so little materials and time and are fun and appreciated. You can vary the color and feel of them in unlimited ways. These are blue for the color of the event, which was a bridal shower, so there is a "bridal" charm in the bunch!

Embroidery thread
Hoop earrings
5 mm jump rings
Jewelry pliers

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Glass Works

Glass quickly became one of my favorite materials to work with. I enjoy creating re-uses for items and this fits neatly into that category. I purchased a bottle scorer and started saving any glass bottle or jar that came my way and have found some fun things to make with them.

I'll start by sharing the most basic thing you can do: make clear votives. First things first, you need to remove the label from your jar. This can be very annoying, it seems every company out there uses a different type of glue! I initially used hot water (even boiling in some cases) but found the best label removal was baking soda and olive oil. Mix it to a paste and apply, let it set a bit for more difficult glues and it give it a scrub under hot water.

I cut down old tahini jars (with a pretty detail on the bottom!) to make these votives. Remember to leave your bottle scorer at the same length, or make a note of the length, if you want to make a set so they are all the same size. 

Score, alternate hot and cold water, and voila! After scoring your bottle, take some diamond sand paper to the edge to sand down any sharp points and you've got a nice votive for all your candle or storage needs.