Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Record Wall Art

The RE: and I have been living in our apartment for over a year now. And for that entire time I’ve been staring at a blank wall over our Klippan loveseat. The walls here cream with 1.5 inch molding boxing out squares, which I love! But after a year even the molding isn’t easing the pain of a picture/decoration/frameless wall. Something needed to be done. And it needed to be done free. Or as close to free as possible. Can anyone else believe how expensive frames are?

Around the time I started brainstorming my wall problem I was reorganizing our closet and noticed these records RE: grabbed from the yard sale pile when we moved my grandmother out of her house. Perfect! They were graphic, good and classic artists, there were some we’ve gotten from concerts we attended ourselves, and there were enough of them that had colors that jived with our living space.  
I did a little research into various options to hang/display the records but in the end I decided on using nails with wide and flat heads. Nothing like a cheap, easy, and quick project! I measured the records and the square on the wall where they would hang. Did some math and marked their placement on the wall in pencil. I knew those marks wouldn’t be enough for me to nail from so I used blue painter’s tape to make it clear where each nail would go.
Here’s the end result! I love the new wall ‘art’ and never get bored staring at the fun graphic covers of some legendary artists. It cost almost nothing. We used the wide head nails in this Ikea nail set, I already owned the hammer, painters tape, and records. 
And here’s what I see when I come in the front door:
Adios empty wall!