Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twine It Up

I have a thing with glass jars and bottles: I can’t throw any of them away. I scrape off the label, clean them, and put them aside for random projects like this one. I ended up using two jars I had laying around, one old spice jar and I honestly can’t remember what the second jar was, maybe a jelly or salsa?

Materials needed:

  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Twine
  • Yarn (color(s) of your choice)

This is a pretty basic project, easily done in an hour in front of the TV. After the bottles have been de-labeled, cleaned, and dried simply put a dot of glue on the bottom and start winding the yarn around, going up the sides, until you decide you want to switch to twine. I kept adding glue for every row to ensure the yarn stayed in place and continued that pattern for the twine.

I ended up doing these two slightly differently. For the larger jar I started with the yarn on the bottom and for the spice jar I started on the sides. When they are displayed, I can’t really tell a difference so do what you’d like depending on the bottom of the jar you’re using and how well it will stand with or without yarn on the bottom.

I filled one of mine with a collection of shells I have from various beach trips. It is a nice reminder of vacations I’ve taken and people who are special to me. And, since I had all of these materials on-hand this project was free! If you had to purchase yarn, twine, and a glue gun I’d imagine this might run you $25 (depending on how fancy you get with the glue gun and yarn) and you would have the materials for future projects. 

The style of these can vary greatly depending on what yarn/twine you used. Mine ended up with a slightly nautical look (partially because I added seashells) but they blend right into the rest of our decor. What combinations would you choose? I've seen some great projects around with neon rope which I think would be fun on these.