Monday, December 1, 2014

Wrangling in the Shades

I dislike, very much, when I can't find something. I'm generally very organized but sometimes my processes need some fine-tuning. I, after momentarily misplacing my sunglasses a few times, decided my sunglass placement/storage needed a face-lift. As per my usual, I pulled together some things I had on hand to create something to store my sunglasses.

Materials Needed:

Begin by staining your balsa wood. I stained the front and the sides. The back will only see the wall, so it's not necessary to stain that side. After staining the wood, while it was drying, I cut out little foam pieces to glue to the picture hooks. The foam "grabs" the sunglasses and helps them to stay in the picture hooks better. Below is a close-up of the hooks so you can see how and where I attached the foam. I used superglue to attach the foam to the hooks.

After the foam dried, I lightly sanded the back of the hooks, so the glue would hold better when I glued them to the balsa wood. I checked out the general size of my sunglasses and determined I would need 3.5 inches of space in between the hooks on the wood. I measured and marked (in the center of the front of the wood) every 3.5 inches on the front of the balsa wood. The wood was 4 inches wide, so my center line was 2 inches in from either side. I used a regular pencil to mark the wood. To glue the hooks to the wood I put a dab of superglue on the back of each hook and glued the hooks to the pencil marked spot, covering up the pencil marks neatly in the process!

After waiting an hour or so for the glue to set, I used the 3M Command strips, hung my wood strip up, and loaded it with sunglasses. See the finished product above. Funnily enough, the colored sunglass frames pull out some of the colors in the art we have hanging on the wall in our hallway. 

Shine bright everyone, I'll be here with my shades on. 

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